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My Hero.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:30 pm    Post subject: My Hero. Reply with quote

as i write this, news is spreading that you have regained full consciousness and you are back to your usual jokey self again. And i couldn't be more happy for you. i'll admit that i always knew you were going to be okay and that you would pull through but to have this news confirmed a lot quicker than i ever imagined, well, it just blew me away and i felt a wash of relief and i smiled so wide (and cried, but lets not go into that).
i was just getting ready to go to bed last night, it was 1.30am in the UK here, and i was on twitter on my mobile and Nathan posted what seemed to be a rather serious tweet asking us to read the link. so i did and i just seemed to stop, i was saddened, shocked, and suddenly very angry at the people involved. who could have done something like that to someone as friendly and talented and amazing as you? i didn't know what to say, do or think. Needless to say, i didn't have the best nights sleep because i was just so worried and constantly thinking over Nathan's post on Tumblr as parts of it seemed to burn into my brain and i could recall from heart. My parents too became concerned about you. i was looking a little lost at home and told them everything and they too hope you are 'alright' and wish you all the best in your recovery Smile
The River People all banded together to help everyone out too, though (what would we all do without them, right?), there were threads and discussions (as you'll probably see youself, or Nathan has read to you already), and although we were all so worried, we stuck together and thought of you constantly, thinking of ways that we could deal with this worry, such as the scrapbook and this letter you may be reading now. i'll admit that things did get a bit silly and people were taking words like 'critical' too far and saying just the stupidist things, (no one on here, mostly Tumblr, apparently) but we shouted at them and told them otherwise.
right now, i'm relieved and happy. Our hero is deffinately going to be okay Smile not sure what i would have done otherwise, but i never thought about that once, i didn't have to, you just beam optimism and i knew you didn't have a single reason to not pull through. i think it's been a tough day for everyone - yourself, Nathan and the rest of the band, and us, i know a lot of us have been feeling drained and unsure of what to do with ourselves all day, as you can probably tell from all these worried messages.
Also, i'd like you to thank Nathan for his dedication to you, for never leaving your side, for keeping us updated and for forever being hopeful and keeping us positive too.
something like this did not deserve to happen to you, but unlike other people that it could have happened to, they didn't have a band, a family and a solid fanbase to help them through it. i'm proud of you for what you did, and you'll still always be a hero to me (maybe now more than Nathan is to me =P) i don't think your kind nature will go unnoticed, you're already on the news and will probably be in newspapers too.
but i wish you a speedy recovery (though i know you'll be out of that hospital before you can say 'Nightmoves') and all the best to yourself, your band and your family.
and no matter what, you'll always be my hero. mine and about 24553900000 others Wink
i'm proud to call you guys my favourite band for reasons such as this. this will never be forgotten, and i will never stop telling people of what good people you are.

i wish you boys all the best and i hope that i get to see you next month,
all my love,
Becky xxx

p.s - this went on a lot longer than i planned, and i'm sorry, and i was never really sure of the message that i was trying to get across or what i was really trying to say, but once you start the throught just don't stop coming, and this was a bad attempt of putting them into words! hope i didn't bore you too much Razz all the best x

Previously on the boards as Leftie back in the day, but i don't expect anyone to remember Razz
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