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I wish I had more than just words for you Matthew,

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:10 am† †Post subject: I wish I had more than just words for you Matthew, Reply with quote

but unfortunately, I don't. I wish I had money to send, or a hug in a box (I'm gunna patent that shit!), a corncob pipe for your collection whether or not that's still in existence, or even a book for when you gotta laze around to get yourself better. I'm a bookworm, so ya' need any recommendations and I'm your gal.

I think what you did is commendable to say the least. An act of heroism, though I'm sure you'd beg to differ, that you were doing the right thing and this and that. But it really was a completely unselfish and heroic act. You don't really see that in people now a days, and I just wanna say I really appreciate that, appreciate you! There are still good people in the world, as terrible and jaded as that sounds.

I'm not a fan who knows it all, or know you or the rest of the band, so it feels weird spillin' my guts. I'm just a fan who happened to fall in love with your guys' music and found, strangely enough, a friend within a band, you know? That's the extent of it really. I do have a quick story for you, why Iím writing you I suppose, other than hoping you get better. I know you've got a million letters to read and things to do, so I'll try to scale my wordiness back. A true feat if accomplished!

Warped Tour two years ago I was psyched for a few bands that were there, but particularly Madina Lake because I hadn't seen you guys EVER and you're often in the UK. So we get there late and f**k if I donít miss your guysí set. I'm pretty sure I moped for a good couple hours, my friends were pissed that I didn't wanna wander around to see their screaming band idols, baha. As my friends went about to meet their band of choice I saw a veeeery long line for a meet and greet at the ML tent. I was fairly(SUPER) ecstatic, not going to lie. But this line is ridiculous and I know that bands cut their lines off after a certain point and I was braced to have the cut off two people before me and to be sent off moping again. I waited in that line for TWO hours, in the heat, you guys signed and talked and took photos for two hours in the blazing Florida heat, and you got the very end of the line, A.K.A. me. Wait, did I mention two hours? Florida heat and humidity is something to be seriously reckoned with, Iíd just like to commend you guys on that.

I was nervous, which is silly, but I was. You actually, were the first person to greet me, chipper as all get out and genuinely touched I'd waited so long, the entire band was really courteous, though obviously tired and sweatin' balls. *I* was genuinely touched that a band cared to much about their fans, and were so accessible when in my mind you guys the are big time, people other bands and fans should look up to.

Your willingness to share stories, like your corn cob pipe collection, which was at a whopping one pipe at the time, made me feel like you guys were just... people who loved their job and loved the people who loved them. I have honestly never met nicer people from any walk of life, musical or otherwise, and I've never met someone as outright friendly as you. You may or may not remember, this was two years ago, mind you, but I had bracelets for the non-profit organization Invisible Children, they were bullet shells on strings and they read 'stop the violence'. Everyone in the band was awesome and put them on, but you and Nathan seemed like really, I dunno, tickled over a fan gift. I'm sure you get a ton but you still seemed super thankful. I just remember leaving thinking that you two were stand up dudes, just so real and kind. Not that Mateo and Dan weren't, but they looked like they were going to pass out from the heat, not gunna lie, haha.

So thank you for, I don't even know, just being a good person all around. I don't think I'll ever forget just how nice you were on the day that I met you guys, how I was treated almost like a friend and not like a disposable fan. Thanks for waiting in the heat and being kind, and thanks for being unselfish, not just to me and the fans but for the woman you tried to save and I'm sure a million other instances I'm unaware of.

I wish I was a better fan, and had more to send you other than love from the bottom of my heart for you/your family/friends throughout this issue, and the sincerest wishes for you to get better and success in all future endeavors.

Thanks for reading this, I know it's long winded and strange because I am, after all, a stranger ;D. I just really hope with everything I've got that you get better quick and for financial hooplah to go away etc. etc. etc.

Sincerely, Destiny Johnson.

I hope this picture gets to ya! It's from Warped! (ouch, glad I decided to dye my hair and lost that eyeshadow...jeeeesus. Haha!)

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