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to Matthew, from Emily <3

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:47 pm    Post subject: to Matthew, from Emily <3 Reply with quote

You did a beautiful thing.
It refreshes my heart to know that there are still people in the world like you who would do something so risky just to help someone else.
You are a hero.
Twitter has been exploding with continuous love.
Through all this, there has been one particular positive thing.
Well... The River Creepers have always been more than just scattered fans.
We are family.
I have made many lifelong friends through your amazing band.
We are there for each other through thick in thin. We keep each other alive.
That's something to give your band credit for.
You always like to say that we are your friends. Not your fans.
You have saved so many lives with your music and your personalities. Including mine.
I love you all, more than you can imagine
Last night, Creepers all came together more than ever
That's the one great thing about this: Because of this, so many people came into unity to comfort each other and keep each other sane.
For you.
We helped each other stay strong. You are like family to us, whether you know it or not.
So many Creepers broke down when they heard about this. You mean more to us than you could know.
I couldn't believe that you did such a thing.
Well, that's not true- of course you did it. You're Matthew.
One of the really great people this world has to be thankful for.
You did something truly amazing. You are an angel.
You intervened and tried to help a woman, even though it could have gotten you hurt, which it did,
but do you realize how much of a hero that makes you?
Almost no one these days would dare risk their precious self to make sure someone else was okay - especially someone they don't even know.
But you did.
could I possibly fit everything I've been thinking and feeling into this one email?
Let me just say that Madina Lake is my all time favorite band.
One of the few musicians who are actually creative and passionate about what they do and really understand what music is all about.
Not many "artists" can live up to that today.
But not just the music - the people. You are all so incredibly kind, caring, funny, and all-around awesome!
I can't think of nearly enough adjectives, haha.
I have seen Madina Lake three times.
-Warped Tour 08 Boston -A small club gig in Providence RI May 22, 09 -Warped 09 Boston
You put in so much energy. Best live show I've ever witnessed. And I've been to lots of concerts (best fun I have.)
Boston misses you, by the way. Nathan once told me over a chat that he loves the Massachusettsiansiansians haha.
I don't know what you believe in. But I pray to a god. One who listens to me and most of the time, responds.
When I am through praying about my family and my friends at night, I pray for you guys specifically.
Because I care about my loved ones.
All that really matters in my life is the people I care about and music.
Without Madina Lake, and without you,
I would not be alive.
You are a great great person. I can't stress that enough.
That showed in your deed.
"When you die you want the world to remember you for who you really are. And when you die you want to love yourself cause you'll be all alone."
I really hope you love yourself.
You have a ton to be proud of.
The other night, you did the world a favor, and the world did you one in return.
You're alive.
I can't even tell you how much I prayed for you.
Please feel blessed.
(You don't have to be religious to feel blessed. Blessed doesn't have to mean that any god loves you.
It means you are worthy of adoration. Fortunate. *Auspicious.*
I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for every force that acted against the loss of your life on that particular haunting and beautiful night.
I think the world gave you the best gift possible - a second chance.
Please keep being amazing.
You are a beautiful, beautiful person.
I heard that you don't have health insurance and us Creepers are trying to arrange something to help with your bills and such
Because you deserve it. No modesty needed here.
I hope with every ounce of my heart that you make a full recovery as soon as possible.
I love you.
We love you.
Don't ever forget.
Sincerely, with loads of love & good vibes,
and I'm sorry if I ramble, gotta work on that haha
&#9829; Emily F.

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