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To one of my favorite goofballs;

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:50 pm    Post subject: To one of my favorite goofballs; Reply with quote

This news has been so devastating not only to me, but everyone in this community. Whether people enjoy the band Madina Lake or not is up to them, but this is so much more than that. What you did my friend an incredibly indisputable heroic act, one that EVERYONE who comes across this news applauds you for. You're the type of person who's set out to change and improve peoples lives, not only that but give us hope and inspire. And let me say now, you've given me hope, you've inspired me in so many ways in my everyday life, you've changed me and my perspective, you're someone I'm proud to say I look up to.

I'll never forget at Warped Tour in Long Island this past summer. After your set, you came to the signing riding on a bicycle, almost late, but made it. With a hurt foot. I never found out exactly what happened, but I know for a fact many other people wouldn't have gone through the trouble just appear at a signing as you did. That day, you had promised me to play soccer and apologized a million times for not being able to, as you were on your way to the hospital. Right before you could start leaving, a crowd of fans come over asking for a moment of your time. Something you'd never say no to, and that day wasn't any different. Bob was the only way you were torn away from everyone to set your hospital trip back on track. For your own good. I saw all this. I remember quickly going up to you and simply saying Thank You. Thank you for everything, for who you are, and for being a genuine dude. And for caring so much, I've never seen anything like it before. And you gave me the biggest hug you've ever given me the next second. I don't know how many people even understood how many good vibes were being passed on at that moment. It made me tear, a secret I keep to myself.

To us, it’s someone who has touched us very dearly. Brought hope and wise words into our lives. Helped us through many and any situation. Always put others before himself. Not to mention 25% of band we truly love and have and WILL always continue to stick to until the end of time. Matthew, you are this person. And without you, we wouldn’t be us. It would be I. This band, with the help of yourself has brought us together and given us hope when we most needed it, shown us we’re never alone. And here’s to you Matthew, you’ve helped piece together such a strong loving community, you’re not alone. All our prayers, best thoughts and wishes, hope and faith and spirits are with you. This is why I say you're OUR hero, not just mine.

Don't you think it's a bit weird I noticed the amount of people who have randomly been thinking about Madina Lake and yourself these few days?
It's funny, because before this news, I was one of them too. But it's not weird, not at all. The second I heard you woke up, I called my mom and she said "It was everyones spirits and thoughts that did this." We all feel this together, whether we know it or not. Aaaaand this is about the time we start getting into some deep conversation.

You've helped me through so many times in my life, and was there when I most needed someone. Nowadays when I’m down, you're still the only person I wanna talk to. But I remember your wise words you've repeated many times before, and remind myself everything’s gonna be okay. And they are. They always are. And I know you're going to be okay, I have faith in you. It's been beyond amazing seeing all the support in this situation. Every millisecond of time you've ever put into everyone, the devotion, it never goes unnoticed. And people don't forget. Matthew, you always put so much love and passion into everything and everyone you come across. Right now, it's clear to see the double being thrown back for you.

The good out of this is, we're much stronger now, more together, more than ever before. You can't change the horrible past, but you can always work towards a brighter future. You've taught me this.

Thank you very much for sharing your righteousness with everyone. Thank you for every smile you've ever given me, shared with me, and been responsible for. For every laugh, piece of wisdom, new questions and answers. Never forget those experiences, those moments, those laughs and smiles. This is what we strive and live for. There's so much this world has to offer, so much kindness, I know you know this, but here's a reminder. You're an incredible being and don't you ever dare forget that.

We're all with you.

Thank you to everyone, River People, Madina Lake and parents alike for being so supportive with everyone, and most of all our friend, our hero, Matthew Leone. We love you to pieces. You're a part of us now and forever.

xxx Sharon
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that's what's happening with me and music...i'm trying to arrange people into chord progressions and song structures
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